You are Pre-Approved to Join Urban Teachers!

Eric D.  Joined Urban Teachers from TFA lists.

Eric D.  Joined Urban Teachers from TFA lists.

The mission of Urban Teachers is to prepare highly effective teachers who significantly accelerate student achievement and remain teaching in the nation’s highest-need schools. Urban Teachers accomplishes this by recruiting outstanding candidates, equipping them with state-of-the-art training, and linking their certification to their demonstration of effective teaching practices and skills.

Founded in 2009, Urban Teachers is on the cutting edge of urban school reform by virtue of its link between teacher effectiveness and certification eligibility. Our residents and teachers will provide the necessary proof points to make a national case for educator effectiveness and accountability.

Although Teach For America (TFA) was unable to offer you a spot in their corps, you did very well in their selection process.  So well, that Urban Teachers would like to offer you pre-admission to Urban Teachers Cohort 2017 in Dallas/Fort Worth, Washington, DC, or Baltimore. 

In previous years, Urban Teachers participants who learned about Urban Teachers through TFA have been successful at Urban Teachers because they value having a full year of residency, a Johns Hopkins Master’s of Science in Education, and extensive coaching before becoming a teacher of record in their own classroom.  Many of our teachers also tell us that they would have applied to Urban Teachers if they had known about our program in the first place! 

The pre-approval process is easy.

If you have earned a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA, we are pre-approving you for Urban Teachers. Here’s what you need to complete our application process: Here’s what you need to complete our application process:

  • Submit your transcript with two recommendations
  • Compose a brief, well-written essay as part of the pre-approved application process.  This essay is also used as part of your Johns Hopkins University School of Education (JHU) application.  
  • Complete a short application for JHU and pass Praxis Core/Pact tests soon after you receive a “letter of intent” to join Urban Teachers.

Urban Teachers provides financial aid for testing costs and provides study assistance.  We have many City Year alums who are currently in our program and now have a Facebook Urban Teachers/City Year affinity group so you can continue to network across our two organizations as you pursue your career in teaching.   

Urban Teachers requires high accountability for your teaching practice to earn certification.  Being a teacher trained by Urban Teachers ensures you can improve student achievement.  

To take advantage of this pre-admissions opportunity, please complete the form below.

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