Jennifer Green
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Frank Bonanno
Chief Finance Officer

Jamie Caplis
Chief Development Officer

Drew Deutsch
Chief Operating Officer

Annette O’Boyce
Chief Academic Officer

Kerry Whitacre Swarr
Chief Growth Officer

Donna Price
Executive Administrator

Megan Rottmann
Program Assistant

Kathy Caballero
Program Associate

Roxanne White
Director of Curriculum & Professional Development

Dionn N. Brown
Director of STEM Initiatives

Brandon Wallace
Director of Special Education

Kathleen Foley
Director of Literacy

Kirsten Mackler
Director of Performance & Evaluation

Marce Scarbrough
Assistant Director of Data & Assessment

Dara Murray
Assistant Director of Performance Management

Kevin Tame
Director of Information Systems & Technology

Casey Sears
Information Systems & Technology Specialist

Patrick Bryan
Salesforce Administrator

Vanessa Coe
Director of Marketing

Tiffany Mack
Assistant Director of Digital Marketing

Jordan Smith

Atiya Ullah
Staff Accountant

Prathima Kathiresan
Director of Selection & Admissions

Christine Higgins
Selection & Admissions Coordinator

Oxzavia (Zae) Finley
Recruitment and Selection Specialist - Southeast Region

Ashley Wright
Recruitment and Selection Specialist - Northeast Region

Derrick (KD) Brown
Recruitment and Selection Specialist - Texas/South Region

Amanda Spiegelberg
Recruitment & Selection Specialist - West Region

Madison Reiser
Recruitment & Selection Specialist - Midwest Region

Cameron Lewis
Recruitment & Selection Specialist - Mid-Atlantic Region


Charelle James
Executive Director

Japera Parker
Assistant Director

Alyssa O'Dea
Resident Experience Coordinator

Patrick Cero
Operations Coordinator

Katherine Krehbiel
Data Coordinator

Amber Glaros
Director of Clinical Faculty

Emily Yanisko
Lead Clinical Faculty, Mathematics

Jennifer Jones
Clinical Faculty, Mathematics

Tyi-Sanna Jones
Lead Clinical Faculty, Special Education

John Sharkey
Clinical Faculty, Literacy

Heidi Foley
Clinical Faculty

Alicia Woolf
Clinical Faculty

Laura Minicucci
Clinical Faculty

Tiffani Martin-Few
Clinical Faculty



Jacqueline Greer
Executive Director

Michelle Rothbaum
Assistant Director

Candace Smith
Assistant Director

Tyecia Powell
Assistant Director

Amara Pinnock
Residence Experience Coordinator

Darleen Underwood
Operations Coordinator

Johntel Greene
Data and Assessment Coordinator

Tricia Peterson
Lead Clinical Faculty

Allison Gunter
Clinical Faculty

Dwayne Williams
Clinical Faculty

Liz Eny
Clinical Faculty

Kathleen Kennedy
Clinical Faculty

Laken Detchemendy
Clincal Faculty



Emily Nolen
Executive Director

Ernest Blackwell
Assistant Director

Monica Zdrojewski
Assistant Director

Anthony Hernandez
Residence Experience Coordinator

Juan de Dios Garcia
Operations Coordinator

Rodney Frazier
Certification Officer

Leslie Haas
Director of Clinical Faculty

Shawnette Bryant
Lead Clinical Faculty

Courtney Bauer
Clinical Faculty

Kristina Colbert
Clinical Faculty

Laura Stagnaro-Cohen
Clinical Faculty