We Think Big

Every child deserves a great teacher. Yet students in urban districts often receive the least effective and least experienced teachers available.  

Urban Teachers is changing the equation in urban education, offering high-need schools a supply of effective teachers who are ready to make a difference in students’ lives and are committed to a career in teaching. 

Watch the video below to learn more about how Urban Teachers is transforming the urban teacher workforce from Jennifer Green, CEO.  


theory of change

Aspiring teachers enter the profession with a wide range of effectiveness

Through a rigorous selection and training program, we improve teacher effectiveness

The result: More effective
urban teachers

Urban Teachers’ theory of change is grounded in the notion that a combination of selective admissions, rigorous, clinically-based coursework, extensive experience in classroom settings, ongoing support and coaching, and continual evaluation will result in more effective teachers for our urban schools.

Read "An Evidence-Based Approach to Teacher Prep" to learn more about our theory of change and model. 


A Bold Approach

Participants serve as co-teachers in four different urban classroom settings with support from Urban Teachers expert faculty. 

Participants earn a master's degree with training in general and special education conferred by the Johns Hopkins University School of Education.  

Participants receive over 100 hours of coaching to ensure continual improvement of teaching practice. 

Following the residency year, participants commit to teaching in a high-need urban school for at least three additional years. 



Because research shows that even the best teachers need time to solidify their practice, Urban Teachers developed a four year training program. We spend the first three years supporting and evaluating our teachers-in-training before making the high-stakes decision about certification. By holding teachers accountable, we ensure all children get the great teachers they deserve, every year. Learn more about how we ensure teacher effectiveness.


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