Lesley Credits Urban Teachers in Education Week Article

Education Week associate editor and Teacher Beat blogger, Stephen Sawchuk, reported on Deans for Impact, a group of education school deans partnering together to improve teacher preparation programs. The article, "Ed. School Deans Join Forces to Bolster Teacher Preparation," discusses how schools of education can collect and use data to track program performance, make improvements and be held accountable for results. Jack Gillette, the dean of Lesley University's graduate school of education, talks about the school's partnership with Urban Teachers, formerly named Urban Teacher Center. He says: "...faculty members have been more open to making use of data because of their partnership with the Urban Teacher Center, a nonprofit alternative route that prepares teachers in Baltimore and the District of Columbia. The partnership has helped open new conversations among the college's faculty about high-quality student-teaching, coursework, and the rapid collection and analysis of data." Click here to read the full article.