Ready on Day One


Sarah Fitzpatrick
Ninth Grade English and Special Education Teacher
East Senior High School, Washington, DC

When Sarah Fitzpatrick decided to pursue a career in urban teaching, she did her homework. She didn’t want to fall in the trap of so many new teachers who leave the profession because they feel unprepared. She wanted a program that would set her—and her students—up for success.

She chose Urban Teachers, impressed by its commitment to preparing high-caliber candidates and its clear expectations for effectiveness. Above all, she was sold on the idea of a full-year residency working with host teachers, an experience that would provide solid teaching experience before she took on a classroom of her own.

The residency year was exactly what Sarah needed. Unlike the typical first-year teacher, Sarah hit the ground running on her first day in her own classroom. She already knew how to build positive relationships with students and how to demonstrate joy and compassion without being a push over. 

Sarah attributes her confidence as an early-career teacher to the examples set by her host teachers and to the ongoing support from Urban Teachers' expert coaches, who are there with her still, offering support and helping her hone her craft.